Benefits of Salawat

فضل الصلاة على الرسول
Loving Rasulullah

محبة رسول الله
Dalayel AlKhayrat  
دلائل الخيرات
Kunooz Al-Asrar
كنوز الأسرار
Burdat AlBusiri
بردة البوصيرى
Salawat Ibn Araby
صلوات ابن عربى
Tanbeeh AlAnam
تنبيه الأنام
Salawat Vault
خزينة الصلوات

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Chapter Five
فى معجزاته صلى الله عليه وسلم
His miracles (Sallallahu 'alaihi wa Sallam)
The trees answered his call, prostrating,
جاءتْ لدعوته الأشجارُ ساجدةً 72
walking towards him on trunks without feet, تمشى إليه على ساقٍ بلا قدمِ

as though writing lines when they wrote كأنَّما سَطَرتْ سطراً لما كتبتْ 73
with their branches, wonderful writing on the earth, فروعُها من بديعِ الخطِّ في اللّقمِ

like the cloud, following him wherever he went مثلَ الغمامة أنَّى سار سائرةً

sheltering him from a hot oven that blazed in summer noon. تقيه حرَّ وطيسٍ للهجير حمِى

I swore by the moon that split, that it bears أقسمْتُ بالقمر المنشق إنّ له

a connection to his heart (which was split open), a truthful oath. من قلبه نسبةً مبرورة القسمِ

And what graces and generosities the cave contained وما حوى الغار من خير ومن كرمٍ 76

while every infidel's eye was blind to what was in it وكلُ طرفٍ من الكفار عنه عمى

For “the truth” and the Siddique in the cave were not seen فالصِّدْقُ في الغار والصِّدِّيقُ لم يَرِما 77

while they (the infidels) said "no one is in the cave". وهم يقولون ما بالغار من أرمِ

They thought the pigeon and the spider upon ظنوا الحمام وظنوا العنكبوت على 78

the best of creation did not spin a web or lay an egg. خير البرية لم تنسُج ولم تحمِ

The Lord’s protection dispensed with their need for double وقايةُ الله أغنتْ عن مضاعفةٍ 79

armors and their need for high fortifications. من الدروع وعن عالٍ من الأطمِ

Whenever times meant me injustice and I appealed for him ما سامنى الدهرُ ضيماً واستجرتُ به 80

I received from him a shelter which was honored and  respected, إلا ونلتُ جواراً منه لم يُضمِ

and whenever I seeked wealth of the two worlds from his hands ولا التمستُ غنى الدارين من يده

I got generous grants from the best giver ever. إلا استلمت الندى من خير مستلمِ

Do not deny that revelations (wahi) happen in his dreams, for he has لا تُنكرِ الوحيَ من رؤياهُ إنّ له

a heart that does not sleep when the eyes sleep,     قلباً إذا نامتِ العينان لم يَنم

and this was at the time he reached prophethood وذاك حين بلوغٍ من نبوته

for at that time what happens in dream cannot be denied. فليس يُنكرُ فيه حالُ مُحتلمِ

Graceful is The Lord, that revelation (wahi) is nor earned
تبارك الله ما وحيٌ بمكتسبٍ 84

neither is a prophet accused for his knowing the unseen. ولا نبيٌّ على غيبٍ بمتهمِ

His shining miracles are clear, not hidden from anyone.  آياته الغر لا يخفى على أحدٍ

without them justice cannot be established amongst people. بدونها العدل بين الناس لم يقم

How often has a touch of his hand cured illness كم أبرأت وصِباً باللمس راحته 85

and freed an insane from the chains of insanity. وأطلقتْ أرباً من ربقة اللممِ

His prayer revived the year of drought وأحيتِ السنةَ الشهباء دعوته

until it became of the most fertile in the dark times حتى حكتْ غرّةً في الأعصر الدُهُمِ

through rainy clouds, till you thought the valleys had بعارضٍ جاد أو خِلْتُ البطاحَ بها 87

water from gushing sea or from torrential dam flood سَيْبٌ من اليمِّ أو سيلٌ من العرِمِ