Benefits of Salawat

فضل الصلاة على الرسول
Loving Rasulullah

محبة رسول الله
Dalayel AlKhayrat  
دلائل الخيرات
Kunooz Al-Asrar
كنوز الأسرار
Burdat AlBusiri
بردة البوصيرى
Salawat Ibn Araby
صلوات ابن عربى
Tanbeeh AlAnam
تنبيه الأنام
Salawat Vault
خزينة الصلوات

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Chapter Eight
فى جهاده صلى الله عليه وسلم
His Jihad (Sallallahu 'alaihi wa Sallam)
Enemies' hearts were terrorized by news of his message راعتْ قلوبَ العدا أنباءُ بعثته 118
as a lion roar terrorizing inattentive sheep. كنْبأةٍ أجفلتْ غُفْلا من الغَنمِ
He repeatedly faced them in every battlefield ما زال يلقاهمُ في كل معتركٍ
Until, by lances and swords blows, they became like meat on a skewer.  حتى حكوا بالقَنا لحماً على وضمِ
They wished to flee to the extent that they envied ودُّوا الفرار فكادوا يَغبِطُون به

the carcasses and remains that were carried away by eagles and vultures. أشلاءَ شالتْ مع العِقْبان والرَّخمِ

Nights would pass without them knowing their count تمضي الليالي ولا يدرون عدَّتَها 121

unless they were nights of the forbidden (sacred) months (when war is forbidden)   ما لم تكنْ من ليالي الأشهر الحُرُمِ

As though the religion (Islam) arrived as a guest at the infidels’ yard كأنما الدينُ ضيفٌ حل ساحتهم

with every brave fighter hungry for the flesh of the enemy بكل قَرْمٍٍ إلى لحم العدا قرِمِ

followed by waves of troops on an ocean of galloping horses يَجُرُّ بحرَ خَميسٍ فوقَ سابحة

that strikes in torrential waves of brave warriors, يرمى بموجٍ من الأبطال ملتَطمِ

of entrustees saving their reward with The Lord  من كل منتدب لله محتسبٍ 124

charging with swords and blades that uproot atheism, يسطو بمستأصلٍ للكفر مُصْطلمِ

until the religion of Islam became, because of them, حتى غدتْ ملةُ الإسلام وهي بهمْ 125

after alienness and lonesomeness, of huge family and clan,  من بعد غُربتها موصولةَ الرَّحمِ

always cared for by them, with the best caring father مكفولةً أبداً منهمْ بخير أبٍ

and the best spouse, so it was not orphaned nor widowed.  وخير بعْلٍ فلم تيتمْ ولم تَئمِ

They are mountains, so ask their opponent about them همُ الجبال فسلْ عنهم مصادمهم

what did he face of them in every battle, ماذا رأى منهمُ في كل مصطدمِ

and ask Hunain, and ask Badr, and ask Uhud, وسلْ حُنيناً وسل بدراً وسل أُحداً 128

which were for them seasons of death fiercer than epidemics. فصولُ حتفٍ لهم أدهى من الوخمِ

The white swords turned red after they were thrust المُصْدِرِي البيضِ حُمراً بعد ما وردتْ 129

into every black lock of (hair) of the enemies. منَ العدا كلَّ مسودٍّ من اللِممِ

With pens made of lancets, the calligraphers did not leave والكاتِبِينَ بسُمْرِ الخَط ما تركتْ 130

with their pens’ blades a single enemy body un-scribbled  أقلامُهمْ حَرْفَ جسمٍ غيرَ مُنْعَجمِ

Always clad in arms, they had distinguishing characteristics شاكي السلاحِ لهم سيما تميزُهمْ

and roses are distinguished by odor from thorn trees. والوردُ يمتازُ بالسيما عن السلَمِ

Winds of victory send you their scent and good news تُهْدى إليك رياحُ النصرِ نشْرهمُ 132

until you suspect every flower in its bud to be a hero in armor. فتَحسبُ الزهرَ في الأكمام كل كمِى

As though when on horse back they are like plants of the hills كأنهمْ في ظهور الخيل نَبْتُ رُباً 133

because of the extent of bravery, not because of the tightness of their belts.   منْ شِدّة الحَزْمِ لا من شدّة الحزُمِ

Enemies’ hearts flew in terror due to their bravery and might طارتْ قلوبُ العدا من بأسهمْ فَرقاً

till they could not differentiate between sheep and  warriors.  فما تُفرِّقُ بين الْبَهْمِ وألْبُهمِ

And the person who is supported by Rasulullah’s aid ومن تكنْ برسول الله نُصرتُه 135

will scare lions if they find him in their den. إن تلقَهُ الأسدُ فى آجامها تجمِ

And you will never see an ally not victorious ولن ترى من وليٍ غير منتصر 136

by his aid, nor will you see an enemy unbroken.  به ولا من عدوّ غير منقصمِ

He lodged his nation in the sanctuary of his religion أحلَّ أمتَه في حرْز ملَّته

like a lion lodging with the cubs in the thicket. كالليث حلَّ مع الأشبال في أجمِ

Many a time The Lord’s words (the Quran) settled disputes كم جدَّلتْ كلماتُ الله من جدل

about him, and many a time the clear evidence ended argument. فيه وكمْ خَصَمَ البرهانُ من خَصمِ

Suffices you as a miracle the amount of knowledge in the unlettered  كفاك بالعلم في الأُمِّيِّ مُعجزةً 139

in times of ignorance, and the amount of discipline and culture in an orphan. في الجاهلية والتأديب في اليُتُمِ