Benefits of Salawat

فضل الصلاة على الرسول
Loving Rasulullah

محبة رسول الله
Dalayel AlKhayrat  
دلائل الخيرات
Kunooz Al-Asrar
كنوز الأسرار
Burdat AlBusiri
بردة البوصيرى
Salawat Ibn Araby
صلوات ابن عربى
Tanbeeh AlAnam
تنبيه الأنام
Salawat Vault
خزينة الصلوات

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Chapter Four
فى مولده صلى الله عليه وسلم
His birth (Sallallahu 'alaihi wa Sallam)
His birth displayed his purified origin أبان مولدُه عن طيب عنصره 59
O what pure initial and final ancestry and lineage. يا طيبَ مبتدأٍ منه ومختتمِ

On that day the Persians’ insight revealed to them that يومٌ تفرَّس فيه الفرس أنهمُ 60
they are forewarned of wrath and of misery to befall them, قد أُنْذِروا بحلول البؤْس والنقمِ
and Kisra’s palace was fissured and cracked وبات إيوان كسرى وهو منصدعٌ 61

like Kisra’s companions who became dispersed with unhealed unity, كشملِ أصحاب كسرى غير ملتئمِ

and the fire in the Persian temple died out in sorrow والنار خامدةُ الأنفاسِ من أسفٍ 62

and the Persian river had sleepless eyes out of grief, عليه والنهرُ ساهي العينِ من سدمِ

and the town of Saawah was desolate that its lake dried out
وساءَ ساوة أنْ غاضت بحيرتُها

and its thirsty visitor was turned back in disappointment. ورُدَّ واردُها بالغيظ حين ظمي

As though fire has the wetness water possesses كأنّ بالنار ما بالماء من بلل

out of grief, and water has the blazing inherent in fire. حزْناً وبالماء ما بالنار من ضرمِ

And the jinn was chanting and the lights were shining والجنُ تهتفُ والأنوار ساطعةٌ

and the truth was appearing in word and meaning.   والحق يظهرُ من معنىً ومن كَلمِ

They were blinded and deaf to the happening, as the good tidings were not عَمُوا وصمُّوا فإعلانُ البشائر 66

heard and the stunning flashing warning was not noted, تُسمعْ وبارقةُ الإنذار لم تُشمِ

after the soothsayer informed the people من بعد ما أخبر الأقوامَ كاهِنُهمُ 67

that their skewed religion would not endure, بأن دينَهم المعوجَّ لم يقمِ

and after they observed falling stars in the horizon وبعد ما عاينوا في الأفق من شُهُب

shooting down, just as idols on earth were falling, منقضّةٍ وفق ما في الأرض من صنمِ

until, through the appearance of Revelation (Wahy), became conquered حتى غدا عن طريق الوحي منهزمٌ

devils, following paths of one another in defeat. من الشياطين يقفو إثر مُنهزمِ

Running away they were similar to Abraha’s heroes كأنهم هرباً أبطالُ أبرهةٍ 70

or to troops thrown with pebbles from his palms (Sallallahu 'alaihi wa Sallam), أو عسكرٌ بالحَصَى من راحتيه رُمِىِ

thrown after they (the pebbles) exalted in his palms نبذاً به بعد تسبيحٍ ببطنهما

similar to the exalter (Yunus PBUH) who was thrown out of the belly of the engulfer (the whale). نبذَ المسبِّح من أحشاءِ ملتقمِ