Benefits of Salawat

فضل الصلاة على الرسول
Loving Rasulullah

محبة رسول الله
Dalayel AlKhayrat  
دلائل الخيرات
Kunooz Al-Asrar
كنوز الأسرار
Burdat AlBusiri
بردة البوصيرى
Salawat Ibn Araby
صلوات ابن عربى
Tanbeeh AlAnam
تنبيه الأنام
Salawat Vault
خزينة الصلوات

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Chapter Nine
في التوسل بالنبي صلى الله عليه وسلم
Begging The Lord using the prophet (Sallallahu 'alaihi wa Sallam)
I served him with praise, through which I hope to be pardoned the sins     خدْمتُه بمديحٍ استقيلُ به ذنوبَ
of a lifetime that passed in writing poetry and in serving  others, عمرٍ مضى في الشعر والخدَمِ

which have both marked me to profound feared consequences إذْ قلّدانيَ ما تُخْشي عواقبه
as though due to them I am an animal marked for sacrifice.   كأنَّني بهما هدْيٌ من النَّعمِ
I obeyed the recklessness of youth in them both and I did not    أطعتُ غيَّ الصبا في الحالتين وما 142

 achieve anything except more sin and regret,    حصلتُ إلاّ على الآثام والندمِ

O what a great loss my soul had in its trading   فيا خسارةَ نفسٍ في تجارتها 143

for it did not purchase religion with its world nor did it try to      لم تشترِ الدين بالدنيا ولم تَسمِ

and he who sells his future graces for his present ومن يبعْ آجلاً منه بعاجلهِ

will find out the sale and the purchase to be fruitless and in vain.  يَبِنْ له الْغَبْنُ في بيعٍ وفي سلمِ

If I commit a sin, my pledge will not be annulled, إنْ آتِ ذنباً فما عهدي بمنتقض

with the prophet, and neither will my rope be broken,  من النبي ولا حبلي بمنصرمِ

for I have a pact with him due to my having been named فإنّ لي ذمةً منه بتسميتي

Mohammed, and he is the most faithful of mankind to honoring a pact. محمداً وهو أوفى الخلق بالذِممِ

If he is not, at my resurrection, taking me by my hand  إن لّم يكن في معادي آخذاً بيدى

out of grace, then say O what a stumble and fall. فضلاً وإلا فقلْ يا زلةَ القدمِ

He is more gracious than to deprive a hopeful one of his graces  حاشاه أن يحرمَ الراجي مكارمه

or that the one seeking his asylum return without being honored.    أو يرجعَ الجارُ منه غير محترمِ

And ever since I committed my thoughts to praising him ومنذُ ألزمتُ أفكاري مدائحه

I found him to be the best means and the best to commit to for my salvation. وجدتُهُ لخلاصي خيرَ مُلتزِمِ

His riches will not bypass a hand that has been soiled  ولن يفوتَ الغنى منه يداً تَرِبتْ

for rain grows flowers even on mountains, إنّ الحيا يُنْبِتُ الأزهارَ في الأكَمِ

and I did not seek the worldly flowers like the ones which were plucked ولمْ أردْ زهرةَ الدنيا التي اقتطفتْ

by the hands of Zuhair (the poet) through his praising the aged king.     يدا زُهيرٍ بما أثنى على هرمِ