Benefits of Salawat

فضل الصلاة على الرسول
Loving Rasulullah

محبة رسول الله
Dalayel AlKhayrat  
دلائل الخيرات
Kunooz Al-Asrar
كنوز الأسرار
Burdat AlBusiri
بردة البوصيرى
Salawat Ibn Araby
صلوات ابن عربى
Tanbeeh AlAnam
تنبيه الأنام
Salawat Vault
خزينة الصلوات

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Chapter Seven
في إسرائه ومعراجه صلى الله عليه وسلم
His night Journey (Sallallahu 'alaihi wa Sallam)
O the best to whose yard people hopeful for graces headed يا خير من يمّم العافون ساحتَه
hasting and on the backs of camels whose foot-marks draw on the ground سعياً وفوق متون الأينُق الرُّسمِ
and who is considered the greatest miracle by anyone who contemplates ومنْ هو الآيةُ الكبرى لمعتبرٍ 106
and who is the greatest grace for anyone hopeful to seize (The Lord’s graces). ومنْ هو النعمةُ العظمى لمغتنمِ
You travelled by night from a sacred place (Haram) to a sacred place (Haram) سَريْتَ من حرمٍ ليلاً إلى حرمِ 107

as the full moon travelled in deep darkness, كما سرى البدرُ في داجٍ من الظلمِ

and you continued ascending until you attained a status وبتَّ ترقى إلى أن نلت منزلةً 108

as close as the distance of two bow lengths, which has never been attained nor hoped for, من قاب قوسين لم تُدركْ ولم تُرَمِ

and there all the prophets set you ahead of them وقدمتْكَ جميعُ الأنبياء بها

and the messengers, as a master is set ahead of the workers, والرسلِ تقديمَ مخدومٍ على خدمِ

while you pierced the seven heavens with them وأنت تخترقُ السبعَ الطباقَ بهم

in a procession in which you were the owner of the banner     في موكب كنت فيه صاحب العلمِ

until when you left no room for any competitor to strive for   حتى إذا لم تدعْ شأواً لمستبقٍ 111

in closeness, nor a level to be reached by anyone hoping to ascend, من الدنوِّ ولا مرقىً لمُستَنمِ

you humbled your stature before others even though    خَفضْتَ كلَّ مقامٍ بالإضافة إذ 112

you were called for elevation like the “singular noun” (in Arabic grammar), نوديت بالرفْع مثل المفردِ العلمِ

so that you may succeed in attaining everything concealed  كيما تفوزَ بوصلٍ أيِّ مستترٍ 113

from all eyes, and attaining the secrets of everything hidden,  عن العيون وسرٍ أيِّ مكتتمِ

and thus you attained every level of glory without equal
فحزتَ كل فخارٍ غير مشتركٍ

and you surpassed every status without rival,  جُزْتَ كل مقامٍ غير مزدَحمِ

and exalted is the extent of ranks that were granted to you  وجلَّ مقدارُ ما وُلّيتَ من رُتبٍ 115

and beyond comprehension is the amount of graces bestowed upon you.  وعزَّ إدراكُ ما أوليتَ من نِعمِ

Good tiding for us, people of Islam, for we have بشرى لنا معشرَ الإسلام إنّ لنا 116

by The Lord’s care, an indestructible support: من العناية ركناً غير منهدمِ

when The Lord named the one who called upon us to obeying Him لما دعا اللهُ داعينا لطاعته 117

the noblest of messengers, we became the noblest of nations.    بأكرم الرسل كنا أكرم الأممِ